AEB and Sympower will jointly develop a smart energy platform for heat, steam and electricity based on artificial intelligence

CO2 emissions must be reduced by 95% by 2050. Therefore, we are switching to an energy system based on renewable energy. One of the major challenges of this is the reliability and stability of the energy network. This is due to the major changes in the supply and demand of energy.

Clean-tech company Sympower and the Amsterdam waste processor AEB will jointly develop a smart energy platform to produce energy more efficiently and distribute it to customers and thus accelerate the energy transition.

This smart energy platform runs on artificial intelligence (AI) and will be developed in a new application: The platform connects producers (such as AEB itself), storage units and users of electricity, heat, and steam. By combining data and using AI forecasting techniques, can determine the most efficient and sustainable energy dispatch. In this way, the energy systems are interconnected, which increases stability, reliability and affordability.

The AI4cities project, for which has been selected, also fits into this collaboration between AEB and Sympower. AI4Cities is a European project with 6 cities that want to reduce CO2 emissions through the application of artificial intelligence. Read more about AI4Cities here.